Important News!!!

Wild Deuce has decided it is time for change. When we started our Working Mountain Horse Sale 11 years ago we wanted to set the bar. Through the years that bar was set from honest mountain miles and a honest hand shake. Well it is time to set the bar even higher because follow up care is the most important & often over looked. So we have decided to sell privately when our horses are ready because they decide how long it will take to be finished not us. But not only are we going to sell privately we are going to also INCLUDE in EVERY WILD DEUCE HORSE SOLD a 7 day mountain clinic with your horse & top it off with a 5 day Pack Trip at our exclusive Lone Horse high camp. I want my horses to go to the forever homes they deserve when they are ready & the new owner to understand how & why we train our horses the way we do. PLUS we want to show you where our horses get all those important mountain miles while you sit back and relax in our "neck" of the woods. I always want to improve ourselves, our horses & the time needed to make excellent horses all for my clients. So what is happening this fall...we are taking a much needed break & moving in a house and going to Maddy's graduation!!!! But don't be worried, like always Terri has come up with a new amazing idea for next years sale weekend. Even though the sale has come to a close the opportunity to buy horses from Wild Deuce is still there but it's time to change the weekend for 2016 to an amazing opportunity to learn everything to do with the Back country and it will have everything to do with you, learning with your horse. I want to share my knowledge of the mountains with anyone riding from the ditch to the high alpine meadow! Stay tuned for information & what do you think??? We are so excited for selling privately, getting to spend time with the new owners & OUR NEW IDEAS for next years IDEA come fall 2016.

At Wild Deuce... are our guests, not simply clients. We are not strict guides; you are here to have a great time and we'll make sure that you do. We consider ourselves a part of your fantastic adventure and join in on the fun. For this reason we run small, personalized groups of no more than 12 guests. With our Wild Deuce clinics we also run small groups of 5 people with NO auditing; our focus is on you. Our clinics are conducted from the round pen to the side of the mountain. Want to ride in the mountains and not sure where to start? We have Mountain Courses from day riding to packing out. Have a horse and need some training? We offer 9 training spots a year.